VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
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VertEdge Edging
VertEdge Edging
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VertEdge Edging

VertEdge Edging

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VertEdge is a revolutionary edging system used to 100% fully adhere the perimeter finish of artificial grass (the only product on the market to do so).

This solves the problem of existing methods where edges can lift up and become a trip hazard.

  • Box of 10 Lengths (Covers 24.6 linear feet) - Supplied with ONE Tube of Vertedge Adhesive 
  • Box of 20 Lengths (Covers 49.2 linear feet)- Supplied with TWO Tubes of Vertedge Adhesives   
  • Box of 50 Lengths (123 linear feet)-Supplied with FIVE Tubes of Vertedge Adhesives  

VertEdge is comparable in price to timber battens for an artificial lawn installation, with none of the downsides associated with using timber battens – such as decay and visible fixings. Enjoy all the positives of using VertEdge, such as its long-lasting quality and simplicity to install.

**If you are a contractor to please email for contractor pricing**


  • Fully integrated natural profiled finish.
  • 100% adhered and tucked down edge.
  • Provides an enhanced more natural edge finish.
  • Can form to any curve/radius.
  • Will help artificial grass to last longer (no perimeter failures)
  • Stronger perimeter edge resistance to dogs and wild animals.
  • Cost effective.
  • Recyclable.
  • Safe & secure.
  • Simple to fix, user friendly.
  • Light weight, easy to store and handle.
  • Professional or DIY use.
  • Works with all artificial grass surfaces.
  • The new industry standard.
  • Supplied in 750mm lengths.
  • Safe for Children and pets.
  • Safe for Schools and public areas where health and safety should be upheld.
  • No nails or pegs hammered through the artificial lawn which can come loose and cause injury.
  • No indentations left in the lawn surface, as seen when fixing nails and screws through the lawn.
  • Will last the lifespan of the artificial lawn:
  • No Timber battens, which decay under the artificial lawn.
  • 100% stable, will not warp and expand like composite battens.
  • No ghosting/settlement lines as seen when gluing direct to a cement edge.
  • No receding or lifting perimeters: The lawn edging finish will always look the same as the day it was installed.

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What Is VertEdge?

You use carpet gripper to get a perfect finish to your carpet. VertEdge® does the same for your artificial lawn.

Our revolutionary edging system is the only product on the market to 100% securely adhere the perimeter finish of artificial lawn using VertEdge® adhesive.

Think of it as carpet gripper for your artificial lawn.

The Vertedge Solution

VertEdge® is a game-changer for artificial grass installation.

Made in Britain, our fully recyclable solution works with all artificial grass surfaces.

Nails only provide 10% fixing to the grass. VertEdge® gives a clinical 100% secure adhered perimeter finish, so the edges won’t lift.

What Our Customers Say


We recently had our garden landscaped with artificial turf and Vert Edge was used as part of the installation. This product gave the install really fantastic look and finish that you just wouldn’t get with more traditional methods of install. I couldn’t recommend Vert Edge enough if you are looking for the best look as part of your artificial turf project.

Bob Penman

I’ve recently had artificial grass laid in our garden and, after quite a bit of research, decided to go with Lazy Lawn who use the Vertedge system. It looks amazing! I wanted to ensure the lawn was child and dog proof and because our lawn is on a slight slope. After speaking to Dean, reading the reviews and comparing the products with other companies we decided to go with Lazylawn because of the quality of the grass and the Vertedge system. The end result is we have a garden that’s been transformed from a muddy mess into a lovely green, clean space that we can all enjoy.

Amanda White

I recently had artificial grass installed in my garden, the company used Vertedge the new artificial grass edge finish. This product allows the artificial grass to be adhered around the perimeter rather than nailing, the finish is second to none.

Gavin Kilpatrick

Firmly secures the lawn without the need for nailing thus giving a more realistic edging.

Barry Gulliver

AMAZING - For many years I had been thinking of installing artificial grass (even contemplated doing it myself) and after reading thousands & thousands of reviews – I chose to go ahead with it! Definitely one of the best home décor choices of my lifetime.

Pin Boparai

Fantastic product, we lay a lot of Artificial grass a year and I always give the customer the option of using Vertedge, the finished product always exceeds the tradition method of nails or timber perimeter.

Marc Sontag

Recently had a artificial lawn laid using the VertEdge system around the edge of the lawn. The lawn had several curves in it and it has made a perfect finish to the edge of the lawn.

Rob Marks
Los Angeles, CA
What Is Making VertEdge Stand Out?

Current artificial lawn perimeter fixing methods are generally improvised using standard off the shelf building materials – i.e. wood, cement, plastic, nails, screws – with each contractor claiming their method is ‘the way to go’ and better than others. This creates confusion for the paying client/customer as there is no widely recognised industry standard for contractors to adhere to.

VertEdge addresses this issue with a purpose-designed product that provides consistency and uniform across the industry, which in turn would vastly improve the safety and quality of artificial grass installations for the end user. We believe that VertEdge is the solution to this recognised problem, and will become the industry standard.

VertEdge® is a game-changer for artificial grass installation

Free VertEdge Sample

Give your garden the edge

VertEdge was designed by an artificial grass expert with over 40 years in the surfacing industry.

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